Calendar - Michaelmas 2014

Week 1
Thursday 4th September Pupils return
 Team Building Forms 7 & 9
9.00amParents’ Golf Morning* (every Thursday thereafter)
Friday 5th September8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning and AGM*
4.30pmForm 9 Social
5.30pm1st Exeat
Week 2
  Form 7 MIDYIS Testing
Tuesday 9th September2.30pmFootball v Duke of Kent U14 (H)*
Wednesday 10th September2.30pmNetball v Conifers U10 (H)*
2.30pmNetball v Kingscourt U11 (H)*
2.30pmFootball v KES U13A & U13B (A)*
2.45pmNetball v Alton Convent U12A (A)*
3.30pmNetball v Bohunt U13 (H)*
3.30pmFootball v Churcher’s Junior U11A & U11B (A)*
3.50pmFootball v Churcher’s Junior U10A & U10B (H)*
Thursday 11th September Team Building Form 5
10.00amBach to Baby*
2.30pmNetball v Conifers U9A (H)*
3.30pmFootball v Churcher’s Junior U9A & U9B (A)*
3.50pmFootball v Churcher’s Junior U8A & U8B (H)*
Friday 12th September8.30amGirls’ Parents Coffee Morning*
 Celebrity Golf Day
5.30pmForm 7 Camping Night
Saturday 13th September9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
12 noonO.S.E. Reunion
Week 3
 Form 9 MIDYIS Testing
Monday 15th September FOSE School Photos until end of Tuesday 16th
Tuesday 16th September8.35amForm 8 Assembly*
 Netball Training v Duke of Kent U14 (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Charterhouse U14 (H)*
9.30am - 4.30pmForms 3 & 4 to Marwell Zoo
4.30pmForms 3 & 4 Parent Workshop “Maths Calculations”
8.00pmFOSE Committee Meeting
Wednesday 17th September8.35amForm 4 Assembly*
9.00am - 10.50amForms 5 & 6 Saxon Lecture
3.30pmReception Parents’ Information Meeting*
2.30pmFootball v Barrow Hills U13A, U13C VI, U11C, U11D, U11E (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Barrow Hills U13B, U11A & U11B (H)*
2.30pmNetball v KES U13 (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Ripley Court U11B (H)*
3.50pmNetball v Royal Junior U11A & U11C (H)*
Thursday 18th September 1st Cards
 Team Building Forms 7 & 8
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s U9 Football Tournament*
2.30pmFootball v Barrow Hills U9B, U8A & U8B (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Feltonfleet U9B & U9C (H)*
3.50pmNetball v Royal Junior U9A (H)*
5.30pmForm 4 Boarding Night
Friday 19th September5.30pm2nd Exeat
 FOSE Cake Sales (Reception, Forms 3 and 8)*
Week 4
Monday 22nd September8.35amCoffee Morning for EYFS Parents*
Tuesday 23rd September8.35amForm 9 Assembly
2.15pm - 4.30pmForms 3 to 7 Young Shakespeare Company “ Twelfth Night”*
2.30pmFootball v Charterhouse U14 (A)*
6.30pm - 8.30pmForm 9 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 24th September8.35amForm 4 Assembly*
2.00pmNetball Tournament Dunhurst U13A (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Ripley Court U11C (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Haslemere Prep 1st XI, U11D, U11E, U11F (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Haslemere Prep 2nd XI, U11A,U11B,U11C (A)*
3.50pmNetball v Churcher's Juniors U9a (A)*
Thursday 25th September Team Building Form 9
2.30pmFootball v Haslmere Prep U9D, U9E (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Haslmere Prep U9A, U9B, U9C (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Brookham U8 (H)*
3.50pmNetball v Churcher’s U9A & U9B (H)*
Friday 26th September5.30pmSuper Heroes Boarding Night
Saturday 27th September9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
Week 5
Tuesday 30th September 1st Symbols
8.35amForm 7 Assembly*
2.30pmFootball v Bedales U14 (A)*
4.40pmSwimming Gala v Haslemere Prep (H)*
6.30pm - 8.30pmForm 7 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 1st October8.35amForm 3 Assembly*
9.30amForms 1 & 2 Harvest Festival*
2.30pmNetball v Barrow Hills U13A & U11A (H), U11B (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Belmont 1st, U10A , U10B & U10C (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Belmont 2nd, U11A & U11B (H)*
3.30pmFootball v Woolmer Hill U14 (H)*
Thursday 2nd October 2nd Cards
9.00am - 5.30pmForm 6 History Trip to Battle Abbey
10.00amBach to Baby*
2.30pmNetball v Barrow Hills U9A & U9B (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Belmont U9A & U9B (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Belmont U8A & U8B (H)*
Friday 3rd October8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning*
5.30pm3rd Exeat
 FOSE Cake Sales (Forms 1, 6 & 7)*
Week 6
Monday 6th October2.00pmCross Country Ripley Court U13, U11, U9 (A)*
Tuesday 7th October8.35amForm 6 Assembly*
12.30pmChapel Service for Forms 6 to 9 Preacher: Dominic Oliver, Esq., Headmaster, Lancing College*
3.00pmNetball v KES U14 (H)*
Wednesday 8th October9.00amDivisional Music
2.00pmNetball v Danesfield U11B (H)*
2.00pmFootball v Danesfield U11 (H)*
2.30pmNetball v Barfield U11A & U11C (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Westbourne House 1st (H)* 2nd (A)*
3.15pmFootball v Moonhall College U14 (H)*
3.30pmFootball v Churcher’s Junior U10A & U10B (A)*
3.30pmNetball v Woolmer Hill U13A & U13B (A)*
3.50pmFootball v Churcher’s Junior U11A & U11B (H)*
Thursday 9th October2.00pmSt. Edmund’s Netball Tournament U11*
2.00pmFootball v Danesfield U8A & U9A (H)*
3.30pmFootball v Churcher’s Junior U8A & U8B (A)*
3.50pmFootball v Churcher’s Junior U9A & U9B (H)*
3.50pmNetball v Royal Junior U9A (A)*
6.30pmChoral Concert*
Friday 10th October9.30amGovernors’ Away Day
Saturday 11th October10.00am - 12noonOpen Morning*
7.00pmFOSE Parents’ Pub Night*
Week 7
 Music Exam Week
Tuesday 14th October Form 9 Progress Reports
8.35amForm 5 Assembly*
2.30pmFootball v KES U14 (H)*
3.00pmNetball v Frensham U14 (H)*
6.30pm - 8.30pmForm 3 Parents’ Evening*
8.00pmFOSE Committee Meeting
Wednesday 15th October2.15pmFootball v Parkside 1st XI, U10A,U10B, U10C (A)*
2.15pmFootball v Parkside 2nd XI, U11A, U11B & U11C (H)*
2.30pmNetball v Ripley Court U11C (A)*
2.50pmNetball v Duke of Kent U13A (H)*
3.50pmNetball v Royal Junior U11A & U11B (H)*
6.00pm - 8.00pmReception Parents’ Evening*
Thursday 16th October 3rd Cards
 Opening of the W.H. Auden Centre by Sir Bruce Forsyth*
9.00amOpro Mouthguard Fitting
2.00pmNetball v Danesfield U9A & U8 (H)*
2.30pmFootball v Cranleigh & Parkside U8A, U8B & U8C (A)*
Friday 17th October9.30amForm 9 to the Reconstruction of Great War Trenches
5.30pmHalf Term starts
Week 8
 Rugby Training starts for Forms 3 to 8
Monday 3rd November Pupils return
6.00pmFinance Committee Meeting
Tuesday 4th November8.35amForm 5 Assembly*
5.00pmMusic Theory Exams
6.30pm - 8.30pmForm 5 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 5th November8.35amForm 1 Assembly*
2.30pmFootball v Edgeborough 1st XI, 3rd VIII, 4th VIII, U11D VII (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Edgeborough 2nd XI, U11A VII U11BVII (H)*
3.30pmFootball v Woolmer Hill U14 (A)*
 Girls’ Divisional Sport
Thursday 6th November Lecture: “ A Day in the Life of a Trench Tommy”
1.30pmForm 5 to “Chemistry Spectacular” at Wellington
2.30pmNetball v Ripley Court U9A & U9B (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Edgeborough U8/U9C, U8/U9D, U8/U9E (A)*
2.30pmFootball v Edgeborough U8/U9A & U8/U9B (H)*
Friday 7th Novemeber Taster Day
8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning*
5.30pmForm 9 Camping Night off site
 Great Escape Boarding Night
Saturday 8th November9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
5.00pm - 7.00pmFOSE Bonfire Night*
Week 9
Monday 10th November6.30pmSchool Music Concert*
Tuesday 11th November 2nd Symbols
8.35amForm 5 Assembly*
12 noonRemembrance Service Forms 6 to 9
3.00pmNetball v Duke of Kent U14 (A)*
3.00pmFootball v Duke of Kent U14 (A)*
8.00pmFOSE Committee Meeting
Wednesday 12th November8.35amReception Assembly*
2.30pmNetball v Longacre U11A (H), U11B & U11C (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Barrow Hills 1st XV, U11B & U11D (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Barrow Hills 2nd XV, U11A & U11C (A)*
3.30pmGirls’ Hockey v Woolmer Hill U13A (H)*
Thursday 13th November 4th Cards
10.00amBach to Baby*
2.30pmNetball v Longacre U9A & U9B (A), U9C (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Barrow Hills U9A, U9B, U8A & U8B (A)*
5.30pmForm 6 Boarding Night
Friday 14th November5.30pm4th Exeat
 FOSE Cake Sales (Forms 2,4,5 and 9)
Week 10
Monday 17th November  School Exams Forms 3 to 9
5.00pmGovernors’ Board Meeting
Tuesday 18th November2.30pmFootball v KES U14 (A)*
2.45pmGirls’ Hockey v Bedales U14 (H)*
Wednesday 19th November2.15pmGirls’ Hockey v Dunhurst U13A & U13B (H)*
2.30pmGirls’ Hockey v Feltonfleet U11A & U11B (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Edgeborough U13B & U10A (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Edgeborough U13A & U11A (H)*
Thursday 20th November St. Edmund’s Day
 Team Building Forms 5 & 7
2.30pmNetball v Ripley Court U9B & U9C (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Edgeborough U9A & U9B (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Edgeborough U8A & U8B (H)*
Friday 21st November5.30pmGirls’ Boarding Night
Saturday 22nd November9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
Week 11
Tuesday 25th November8.35amForm 8 Assembly*
9.30amForms 1 & 2 Christmas Celebration*
2.50pmGirls’ Hockey v KES U14 (A)*
6.30pm - 8.30pmForm 8 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 26th November8.35amForm 3 Assembly*
2.15pmU13 Wellington College Rugby Festival
2.20pmGirls’ Hockey v Hoebridge U12A (A),U11B & U11C (H)*
2.30pmRugby v St. George’s Junior U11A, U11B & U11C (A)*
3.15pmFootball v Moonhall College U14 (A)*
2.30pmNetball v Feltonfleet U11C (A)*
Thursday 27th November 5th Cards
3.50pmNetball v Royal Junior U9A (A)*
 Divisional Tag Rugby U8 & U9
Friday 28th November5.30pm5th Exeat
Week 12
Tuesday 2nd December Form 9 Progress Reports
8.35amForm 7 Assembly*
2.00pmForms 3 & 4 Christmas Production*
2.30pmFootball v Frensham U14 (H)*
5.30pmForm 9 Boarding Night
Wednesday 3rd December9.30amEYFS Nativity*
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s Inter School Cross Country U10 to U14*
7.00pmForms 3 & 4 Christmas Production*
Thursday 4th December3.30pmDivisional Gala*
Friday 5th December8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning*
9.15am - 2.15pmForm 8 Art trip to "The Pallant House Gallery
Saturday 6th December12noonFOSE Christmas Sale*
Week 13
Monday 8th December9.00amDivisional Debating Final
2.00pmForms 1 to 4 Carol Service at St. Luke’s, Grayshott*
Tuesday 9th December 6th Cards
8.35amForm 6 Assembly*
3.00pmForms 5 to 9 Carol Service at St. Luke’s, Grayshott*
Wednesday 10th December12 noonEnd of Term: Nursery, Reception, Forms 1 & 2
12.30pmEnd of Term: Forms 3 to 9
Friday 16th January 2015 13+ pre tests and scholarship assessments
Friday 23rd January 2015 11+ entrance and scholarship assessments

Future Dates


Term will start on Thursday 8th January
Half Term from Friday 13th February to Monday 23rd February
Term Ends Friday 27th March


Term will start on Monday 20th April
Half Term from Friday 22nd May to Monday 1st June
Term Ends Saturday 4th July

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