Calendar - Summer 2014

Week 1
Thursday 24th April8.30amPupils return
9.00amParents’ Golf Morning* (every Thursday thereafter)
Friday 25th April8.30am - 9.30amUniform Shop* (every Friday thereafter)
3.00pmForms 1& 2 Cross Country Event*
3.45pmForms 3 to 8 Cross Country Event*
5.30pm1st Exeat
Week 2
Monday 28th April4.30pmGolf v Parkside U13 (H)*
Tuesday 29th April8.35amPSHE
9.00amSchool Council Meeting
10.30amBach to Baby*
4.30pmTennis v Haslemere Prep U11 2 pairs (H) 2 pairs (A)*
7.00pmSki Trip 2015 meeting*
Wednesday 30th April8.30amRev. Danny Wignall in Chapel
2.20pmRounders v Ripley Court U13A (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Haslemere Prep 1st XI, 2nd XI & U11A (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Haslemere Prep U11B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U11A (H)*
Thursday 1st May Forms 7 & 8 UK Maths Challenge
10.30am - 6.30pmForm 8 to “Much Ado About Nothing” at The Globe Theatre, London
2.20pmRounders v Ripley Court U9A (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Haslemere Prep U9A & U9B (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Haslemere Prep U8A & U8B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U9B (H)*
Friday 2nd May8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning*
4.30pmTennis v Haslemere Prep U13 (A)*
Saturday 3rd May9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
Week 3
Monday 5th May Bank Holiday - School Closed
Tuesday 6th May8.35amForm 3 Assembly*
9.30amWhole School Photograph
6.15pm - 8.15pmForm 3 Parents’ Evening*
8.00pmFOSE Committee Meeting
Wednesday 7th May2.15pmRounders v Highfield U13A & U13B (H)*
2.30pmCricket v KES 1st XI & 2nd XI (A)*
2.45pmCricket v Churcher’s U11A (A)*
4.00pmCricket v Churcher’s U10A (H)*
4.00pmRounders v Royal Junior School U11A & U11B (A)*
Thursday 8th May 1st Cards
 Happy Puzzle Company - Thinking Skills Workshop
2.20pmRounders v Conifers U9A (H)*
3.30pmCricket v Churcher’s U8A & U8B (A)*
4.00pmCricket v Churcher’s U9A & U9B (H)*
7.00pmSenior School Information Evening*
Friday 9th May8.30amForm 5 Girls’ Parents Coffee Morning*
4.30pmGolf v Haslemere Prep (H)*
5.30pm2nd Exeat
 FOSE Cake Sales (Forms 1, 3 & 8)*
Saturday 10th May7.30pmItalian Night & Auction for the Choir Tour to Venice*
Week 4
  Form 8 Mental Maths, French & Spanish Speaking & Listening Exams
Monday 12th May5.00pmGolf v Highfield & Amesbury (H)*
Tuesday 13th May8.35amForm 5 Assembly*
10.00am - 3.00pmForm 1 to The Rural Life Centre
6.15pm - 8.15pmForm 5 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 14th May2.30pmCricket v St. Andrew’s 1st & U11B (A), U11A (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Danesfield U11C Pairs (H)*
2.30pmDivisional Rounders
Thursday 15th May9.30am - 4.30pmForm 6 to the “Harry Potter Studios”
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s U9 Cricket Tournament (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Parkside U9A & U8A (A), U9B & U8B (H)*
4.00pmRounders v Royal Junior School U9A & U9B (A)*
Friday 16th May12.30pm - 4.30pmForm 5 to Yvonne Arnaud - “Carrie’s War”
5.30pmHogwarts Boarding Night
Saturday 17th May10.00am - 12noonOpen Morning*
 IAPS Boys Individual & Team Tournament 7 - 9 Years *
Week 5
Monday 19th May10.00amForm 4 Wisley Garden Visit
4.30pmTennis v Highfield U11 (H)*
7.00pmForms 3 to 8 Choral Concert*
Tuesday 20th May8.35amForm 4 Assembly*
9.00am - 4.00pmForm 8 to INTECH, Winchester
 Nursery Farm Visit
6.00pm - 8.30pmThe Great Egg Race*
Wednesday 21st May9.30amReception, Forms 1 & 2 Concert*
2.30pmCricket v Edgeborough 1st XI (A), 3rd XI & U11C(H)*
2.30pmCricket v Edgeborough 2nd XI, U11A & U11B (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Hoebridge U12, U11A (A) & U11B (H)*
Thursday 22nd May8.45am - 7.30pmForm 7 to the Household Cavalry Museum and “War Horse” at the New London Theatre
10.30amBach to Baby*
Friday 23rd May12.30pm140th Annual Sports Day Forms 1 to 4*
2.30pm140th Annual Sports Day Forms 5 to 8 *
4.15pmHalf Term Starts
Week 6
Monday 2nd June Common Entrance Examinations to Thursday
Tuesday 3rd June9.00amPSHE
5.30pmForm 3 Boarding Night
Wednesday 4th June2.20pmRounders v Dunhurst U13A (H)*
2.20pmRounders v Conifers U11B (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Feltonfleet U11A & U11B (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Feltonfleet U10A & U10B (A)*
3.30pmRounders v Dunhurst U13B (H)*
3.50pmRounders v Churchers U11A (A)*
Thursday 5th June9.00am - 3.15pmForm 2 to HMS Victory
2.10pmRounders v Danesfield U9A & U9B (H)*
2.30pmCricket v St. Andrew’s U9A & U9B (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Danesfield U8 (H)*
Friday 6th June8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning*
9.00amForm 4 to The Victorian School Room, Guildford
12noonHeads’ Golf Day
5.30pmGirls’ Theatre Boarding Night
Saturday 7th June Choristers’ Fund Raising at Tesco’s, Haslemere
9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
11.15amPupils’ & Parents’ Golf Final*
1.00pmFootball Fundraiser*
Week 7
Monday 9th June3.30pmForm 8 Drugs Awareness Lecture
6.00pmGovernors’ Finance Committee Meeting
Tuesday 10th June8.35amLAMDA Showcase*
9.50amForm 8 Camp Craft
10.00am - 4.00pmForm 3 to Butser Ancient Farm
8.00pmFOSE Committee Meeting
10.00amWest Surrey Girls Athletics, Surrey Sports Park*
5.30pmForm 8 Boarding Night
Wednesday 11th June9.00amForm 8 Andy’s Armoury Presentation
2.20pmRounders v Feltonfleet U11A (H)*
2.20pmRounders v Conifers U11B (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Seaford 1st XI & U11B (H), U11A (A)*
3.00pmRounders v Feltonfleet U12 (H)*
3.30pmRounders v Woolmer Hill U13A (A)*
Thursday 12th June 3rd Cards
8.50am - 3.15pmForm 8 Devil’s Punch Bowl Hike
9.00am - 4.15pmForm 5 to Hampton Court
2.30pmCricket v Brookham U8 (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Conifers U9A (A)*
Friday 13th June9.30 - 3.15pmForm 8 to West Wittering
5.30pm3rd Exeat
 FOSE Cake Sales (Reception, Forms 5 & 7)*
Saturday 14th June LAMDA Exams
10.00amMusic Theory Exams
Sunday 15th June Form 8 to Letton Hall
Week 8
Monday 16th June School Exams Forms 3 to 7 until Thursday
Tuesday 17th June12noonNew Parents’ Lunch
Wednesday 18th June9.30am - 12noonForm 1 to Haslemere Museum Pond Dipping
2.30pmCricket v Barrow Hills U12A, U11A & U11C (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Barrow Hills U12B, U11B & U11D (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Barrow Hills U12 & U11B (H), U11A (A)*
6.00pmNursery 1 & 2 Parents’ Evening*
Thursday 19th June2.15pmRounders v Barrow Hills U9A (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Barrow Hills U9A & U9B (A), U8 (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Barrow Hills U9B (A)*
5.15pmTennis v Cranleigh Prep U11 (H)*
Friday 20th June Mufti Day - Bring a bottle for the FOSE Summer Fete
 Orientation Day
 Form 8 return from Letton Hall
5.30pmGreat Escape Boarding Night
Saturday 21st June9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
9.30am - 12.30pmSt. Edmund’s Tennis Open*
1.00pm - 3.00pmFOSE Summer Fete*
Week 9
 Music Exams Week
Monday 23rd June9.00amForm 8 St. John’s Ambulance First Aid Course
3.00pmDivisional Golf Open
5.00pmGovernors’ Board Meeting
8.00pmAnnual Staff & Governors’ Dinner
Tuesday 24th June8.35amForm 2 Assembly*
9.00amForm 8 to Alice Holt
10.00amCharterhouse Senior Golf Competition (Forms 7 & 8)*
11.00amEYFS Sports Day followed by a Teddy Bears’ Picnic*
2.15pmDivisional Tennis
7.00pmTies Dinner
Wednesday 25th June8.50am - 9.50amDivisional Music Competition
2.15pmRounders v Danesfield U11A & U11B (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Barfield 2nd VIII (H), U11A (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Westbourne House 1st VIII (H)*
4.15pmRounders v Priorsfield U13A (A)*
6.00pmReception Parents’ Evening*
Thursday 26th June 4th Cards
10.30amBach to Baby*
2.20pmRounders v Feltonfleet U9B (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Cranleigh Prep. U9A & U9B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Feltonfleet U9A (A)*
 Forms 5 & 6 Athletics Meeting at Dunhurst*
7.00pmSummer Concert*
Friday 27th June2.15pmJunior Divisional Swimming Gala (Forms 1 to 4)*
3.30pmGolf v Seaford U13 (H)*
 Orientation Day
5.30pm4th Exeat
 FOSE Cake Sales (Forms 2, 4 & 6)*
Sunday 29th June4.00pmVenice Choir Tour Concert - St. Luke’s, Grayshott*
Week 10
Monday 30th June8.50amForm 8 Group Photos
9.30amForms 5 & 6 Dress Rehearsal “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”
2.30pmDivisional Swimming Gala (Forms 5 to 8)*
7.00pmForms 5 & 6 Production “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”*
Tuesday 1st July Team Photos for Summer Sports & Music
8.35amForm 8 Assembly*
4.40pmSwimming Gala v Haslemere Prep (H)*
7.00pmForms 5 & 6 Production “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”*
Wednesday 2nd July Divisional It’s A Knockout
Thursday 3rd July9.50amDeclamation Final*
3.00pmForm 8 Parents’ v Pupils’ Rounders Match*
Friday 4th July11.00pmChapel Service for Leavers’ Forms 3 to 7
 Nursery to Form 2 End of Term
Saturday 5th July10.00amForm 8 Chapel Service
11.00amForms 3 to 8 Speech Day & End of Term*
 July 9th - 14th Choir Tour to Venice

Future Dates


Term will start on Thursday 4th September
1st Exeat from Friday 5th September to Monday 8th September
2nd Exeat from Friday 19th September to Monday 22nd September
3rd Exeat from Friday 3rd October to Monday 6th October
Half Term from Friday 17th October to Monday 3rd November
4th Exeat from Friday 14th November to Monday 17th November
5th Exeat from Friday 28th November to Monday 1st December
Term Ends Wednesday 10th December


Term will start on Thursday 8th January
1st Exeat from Friday 9th January to Monday 12th January
2nd Exeat from Friday 23rd January to Monday 26th January
3rd Exeat from Friday 6th February to Monday 9th February
Half Term from Friday 13th February to Monday 23rd February
4th Exeat from Friday 6th March to Monday 9th March
Term Ends 27th March

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