Calendar - SUMMER 2015

Week 1
Monday 20th April8.30amPupils return
Tuesday 21st April8.50amForm 9 Lecture “Dangers and Effects of Alcohol”
10.00amForms 8 & 9 “The Boy in the Photograph” an Anti Bullying Presentation
2.00pmCricket v KES U14 (A)*
Wednesday 22nd April2.00pmCricket v Highfield U13A (H)*
2.00pmCricket v Highfield U11A & U11B (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Dunhurst U13 & U13/U14 (H)*
2.45pmRounders v KES U14/U13 (H)*
4.00pmRounders v Dunhurst U11A & U11B (A)*
Thursday 23rd April9.00amParents’ Golf Morning* (every Thursday thereafter)
 Form 6 Team Building & Leadership
4.30pmSchool Council Meeting
Friday 24 April8.30am - 9.30amrm Shop* (every Friday thereafter)
4.30pmSenior Rugby 7’s Club
Saturday 25th April9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
Week 2
Monday 27th April8.30am - 4.30pmForm 6 to Harry Potter World
5.00pmDuke of Kent Swimming Gala Forms 7 to 9 (A)*
Tuesday 28th April8.35amForm 5 Assembly*
9.00amForms 6, 7 & 8 Lecture on “Social Media”
3.00pmRounders v Duke of Kent U14 (A)*
4.40pmTennis v Haslemere Prep U11A (H), U11B (A)*
Wednesday 29th April8.35amForm 4 Assembly*
2.30pmCricket v Haslemere Prep U13A, U11A & U11C (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Haslemere Prep U13B, U11B & U11D (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Barrow Hills U13A & U11B (A)*, U11A (H)*
3.50pmRounders v Royal Junior U11C (A)*
Thursday 30th April UKMT Junior Maths Challenge
 Form 5 Team Building & Leadership
2.00pm - 4.00pmCross Country Event at Dunhurst U10, U11, U12, U13 (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Barrow Hills U9A (A), U9B (H) *
2.30pmCricket v Haslemere Prep U8/U9A, U8/U9B (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Haslemere Prep U8/U9C & U8/U9D (A)*
4.30pmForm 9 Photography Workshop
 1st Cards
Friday 1st May8.30amFOSE Coffee Morning*
10.00am - 7.00pmForm 8 to “The Merchant of Venice” at The Globe Theatre, London
4.30pmSenior Rugby 7’s Club
4.45pmTennis v Haslemere Prep U13A & U13B (A)*
5.30pm1st Exeat
Week 3
Monday 4th May Bank Holiday School Closed
Tuesday 5th May8.30amForm 5 Assembly*
8.35amReception to Form 9 Happy Puzzle Challenge Day
8.50amForm 9 Lecture “Intoxication”
6.15pmForm 7 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 6th May8.35amForm 4 Assembly*
2.00pmCricket v Ripley Court U13A & U13B (H)*
2.15pmRounders v Danesfield Manor U11C & U11D (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Feltonfleet U13A (A)*
3.30pmRounders v Churcher’s U11A & U11B (A)*
3.40pmCricket v Churcher’s U11A (H)*
3.40pmCricket v Churcher’s U10A (A)*
8.00pmFOSE Committee Meeting
4.30pmTennis v Aldro U11/U10 (H)*
Thursday 7th May2.15pmRounders v Danesfield Manor U9A & U9B (H)*
3.40pmCricket v Churcher’s U9A & U9B (A)*
3.45pmCricket v Churcher’s U8A & U8B (H)*
4.30pmForm 9 Photography Workshop
5.30pmForm 9 Boarding Night
Friday 8th May5.00am - 10.30pmForm 9 to the Somme Battlefields
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s U11 Netball Tournament (H)*
3.15pm - 5.30pmFOSE Cake Sales
4.30pmGolf v Haslemere Prep (H)*
9.30am - 12.30pmForms 4 to 9 Open Morning
Week 4
  Form 8 Mental Maths, French & Spanish Speaking & Listening Exams
Monday 11th May2.30pmAthletics v Barrow Hills U9, U11 & U13 (A)*
Tuesday 12 May 1st Symbols
9.00amWhole School Photograph
2.30pmU14 Cricket v Frensham Heights (H)*
3.30pmForms 7 & 8 Pedestrian Safety Lecture
4.30pmRounders v Royal Senior U14/13A, U14/13B (H)*
6.30pmForms 3 to 9 Choral Concert*
Wednesday 13th May8.35amForm 3 Assembly*
2.00pmCricket v St. Andrew’s,Woking U13A (H), U13B (A)*
2.00pmCricket v St. Andrew’s,Woking U11A (A), U11B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v KES U14A (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Alton Convent U11A & U10A (A)*
3.30pmRounders v Woolmer Hill U13A & U13B (H)*
Thursday 14th May9.00am - 4.30pmForm 5 to Hampton Court
 Form 6 Team Building & Leadership
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s U9 Cricket Tournament (H)*
2.30pmCricket v Parkside U9/ U8 (A)*
3.50pmRounders v Royal Junior School U9A & U9B (A)*
4.30pmForm 9 Photography Workshop
5.30pmForm 3 Boarding Night
 2nd Cards
Friday 15th May4.30pmSenior Rugby 7’s Club
5.30pm2nd Exeat
Saturday 16th May Boys Individual & Team Judo Tournament Ages 8 & 9
 PADI Open Water Referral Course (H)
Sunday 17th May PADI Open Water Referral Course (H)
Week 5
 Music Exam Week
Monday 18th May Skipping Workshop for Reception to Form 9
9.30am - 4.30pmForm 4 Trip to Wisley RHS Gardens
Tuesday 19th May8.30amForm 9 Progress Reports
8.35amForm 5 Assembly*
9.00amForm 9 Lecture “Emotional Development”
9.00am - 4.00pmForm 3 to Butser Ancient Farm
2.30pmCricket v Duke of Kent U14 (A)*
3.30pmRounders v Woolmer Hill U14 (H)*
6.15pmForm 5 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 20th May8.35amForm 3 Assembly*
2.00pmCricket v Belmont U13A (A), U13B (H)*
2.00pmCricket v Belmont U11A & U11B (H), U11C (A)*
2.30pmDivisional Rounders
Thursday 21st May9.00amReception, Forms 1 & 2 Music Concert*
10.00am - 7.00pmForm 9 to “The Woman in Black” at the Fortune Theatre, London
Friday 22nd May12.00pmForms 1 to 4 141st Annual Sports Day*
2.00pmForms 5 to 9 141st Annual Sports Day*
4.15pmHalf Term Starts
Week 6
Monday 1st June Common Entrance Examinations to Thursday
Tuesday 2nd June8.50amForm 9 Lecture “Independent Living and Food Hygiene”
9.00am - 3.00pmForm 4 to the Victorian Schoolroom, Guildford
2.30pmCricket v Charterhouse U14 (A)*
2.45pmRounders v KES U14 (A)*
Wednesday 3rd June2.00pmCricket v Dunhurst U13A (H)* & U13B (A)*
2.00pmCricket v Feltonfleet U11A & U11B (A)*
2.00pmCricket v Feltonfleet U10A & U10B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Highfield U13B (H)*
2.45pmRounders v KES U13A (A)*
3.50pmRounders v Royal Junior U11A & U11B (H)*
Thursday 4th June2.00pmForm 9 Culinary Workshop
2.00pmCricket v St. Andrew’s U8/U9A (A), U8/U9B (H)*
3.50pmRounders v Churcher’s U9A & U9B (H)*
4.30pmForm 9 Photography Workshop
 3rd Cards
Friday 5th June12noonHeads’ Golf Day
4.30pmSenior Rugby 7’s Club
 Hogwarts Boarding Night
Saturday 6th June9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
11.00amParents’ and Pupils’ Golf Final*
Week 7
Monday 8th June9.30am - 5.30pmForm 9 to “Don Giovanni” at Covent Garden
6.00pmGovernors’ Finance Meeting
Tuesday 9th June 2nd Symbols
8.15amForm 8 Able Linguist Day, University of Southampton
8.35amForm 6 Assembly*
8.50amForm 9 Lecture “We are Mad 4 Africa” by Matt King
2.30pmCricket v KES U14 (H)*
4.10pmRounders v Royal Senior U14 (A)*
6.15pmForm 3 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 10th June8.35amForm 2 Assembly*
2.30pmRounders v Highfield U13A (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Longacre U11A (H), U11C (A)*
2.45pmCricket v Seaford U13A, U13C & U10A (A)*
2.45pmCricket v Seaford U13B, U11A (H)*
4.00pmRounders v Frensham Heights U11B (H)*
Thursday 11th June2.00pmForm 9 Culinary Workshop
2.30pmRounders v Longacre U9A (H), U9B (A)*
2.30pmCricket v Brookham U8 (A)*
2.45pmCricket v Seaford U9A & U9B (H)*
4.30pmForm 9 Photography Workshop
5.30pmForm 8 Boarding Night
Friday 12th June Forms 6 to 8 Orientation Day
 Form 9 Geography Field Trip
4.30pmSenior Rugby 7’s Club
3.15pm - 5.30pmFOSE Cake Sales
5.30pm3rd Exeat
Sunday 14th June Form 8 to Letton Hall
Week 8
 Forms 3 to 9 Exam Week
Tuesday 16th June2.30pmCricket v Duke of Kent (H)*
2.30pmRounders v KES U14 (H)*
Wednesday 17th June9.00amWest Surrey Athletics U9 - U13 Girls (A)*
2.15pmCricket v Barrow Hills U12A & U12B*
2.15pmCricket v Barrow Hills U11A, U11B*
2.30pmRounders v Kingscourt U11A & U11B (A)*
3.30pmRounders v Rodborough U14 (H)*
Thursday 18th June 4th Cards
9.15am - 3.00pmForm 1 to Queen Elizabeth Country Park
2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U9 (H)*
2.15pmCricket v Barrow Hills U9/U8A (H)*
2.15pmCricket v Barrow Hills U9/U8 B, U9/U8 C (A)*
5.00pmTennis v Cranleigh Prep U11 (H)*
Friday 19th June Reception to Form 5 Orientation Day
10.30am - 4.30pmForm 7 Cranleigh Tennis Festival*
2.30pmEYFS Sports Day*
4.30pmSenior Rugby 7’s Club
5.30pmGreat Escape Boarding Night for Forms 3 to 7
 Form 8 return from Letton Hall
Saturday 20th June9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
10.00amMusic Theory Exams
9.00am - 11.00amSt. Edmund’s Junior Tennis Open*
11.00am - 1.00pmSt. Edmund’s Senior Tennis Open*
Week 9
Monday 22nd June9.00amForm 5 to The Sculpture Park, Tilford
3.30pmQuadkids at Dunhurst U8 & U9
3.30pmSt. Edmund’s Open & Divisional Golf Competition
4.30pmGovernors’ Board Meeting
7.00pmAnnual Staff and Governors’ Dinner
Tuesday 23rd June8.35amLAMDA Showcase*
11.00am - 3.30pmChurcher’s Kwik Cricket Tournament U10 (A)*
4.20pmRounders v Royal Senior U14/13 (H)*
Wednesday 24th June8.30am - 5.30pmLAMDA Exams
8.35amForm 1 Assembly*
2.00pmCricket v Westbourne House U13 (H)*
2.00pmCricket v Danesfield Manor U11B (H)*
2.00pmCricket v Barfield U12 (A), U11A (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Highfield U13A & U13B (A)*
2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U11A & U11B (H), U11C (A) *
Thursday 25th June2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U9A & U9B (H)*
2.30pmRounders v Ripley Court U9A & U9B (H)*
4.30pmForm 9 Photography Workshop
6.30pmSummer Concert*
Friday 26th June Sponsored Skip for the British Heart Foundation
2.30pmForms 5 to 8 Divisional Swimming Gala*
5.30pm4th Exeat
Saturday 27th June PADI Open Water Dives Wraysbury Lake
Sunday 28th June PADI Open Water Dives Wraysbury Lake
Week 10
Monday 29th June9.30amForms 7 & 8 Production “Bugsy Malone” Dress Rehearsal
12.00pmForm 8 Lecture by Sally Jenner
6.30pmForms 7 & 8 Production “Bugsy Malone”*
Tuesday 30th June Music and Sports Photographs
2.00pmCricket v Bedales U14 (A)*
2.30pmSwimming Gala v Haslmere Prep (H)*
6.30pmForms 7 & 8 Production “Bugsy Malone”*
Wednesday 1st July Divisional Cross Country
 Divisional It’s a Knockout Nursery to Form 9
Thursday 2nd July9.50amDeclamation Final
2.30pmForms 1 to 4 Divisional Gala*
3.00pmParents’ and Pupils’ Rounders Match*
5.30pmForm 9 Boarding Night
Friday 3rd July11.00amChapel Service for Leavers’ in Forms 3 to 7
Saturday 4th July10.00amForm 8 Chapel Service
11.00amForms 3 to 9 Speech Day & End of Term*

Future Dates


Term will start on Thursday 3rd September
Open Morning Saturday 3rd October
Half Term from Friday 16th October to Monday 2nd November
Term Ends Wednesday 9th December


Term will start on Thursday 7th January
Half Term from Friday 12th February to Monday 22nd February
Term Ends Wednesday 23rd March


Term will start on Thursday 21st April
Half Term from Friday 27th May to Monday 6th June
Term Ends Saturday 9th July

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