Calendar - Lent 2018

Week 1
  Form 10 and 11 Exams
Monday 8th January8.30amPupils return
 FOSE Coffee Morning*
Wednesday 10th January2.30pmGirls Hockey v Duke of Kent U13A, U13C, U13D (H)*
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Barrow Hills U13B, U11A (A)* U11C (H)*
3.00pmGirls Hockey v Barrow Hills U11B (H)*
2.30pmDivisional Rugby U13
2.30pmRugby v Churcher’s U11A (H)*
3.15pmRugby v Churcher’s U11B, U10A, U10B (A)*
Thursday 11th January2.30pmGirls Hockey v Barrow Hills U9A (A), U9C (H)*
3.00pmGirls Hockey v Barrow Hills U9B (H)*
2.00pmRugby Tournament v Aldro U9A (A)*
2.00pmRugby Tournament v Edgeborough (A)*
7.00pm2019 Family Ski Trip Launch*
Friday 12th January 11+ & 13+ Assessments
5.30pmForm 3 to 8 Girls’ Boarding Night
Saturday 13th January9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
Week 2
 Form 11 Exams
Monday 15th January Divisional Model Making Competition Opens
4.30pmSwimming Gala v St. Ives (H)*
8.00amFOSE Breakfast for Parents and Children*
Tuesday 16th January8.35amForm 4T Assembly*
2.30pmSenior Rugby 7’s Tournament (H)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v King Edward’s U14A (A)*
3.30pmBoys Hockey v King Edward’s U14B (A)*
Wednesday 17th January8.35amForm 7Da Assembly*
9.30amForms 3 and 4 to the Children’s Concert at G Live
2.15pmGirls Hockey v Conifers U13A(H)*
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Longacre U11A (A)*
3.00pmGirls Hockey v Pennthorpe U11B (H)*
3.45pmGirls Hockey v Churcher’s U11C (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Aldro U13C, U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Lanesborough U13A, U13B (A)*
Thursday 18th January 1st Cards
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Longacre U9A (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Aldro U8A, U8B (H), U9A, U9B (A)*
3.30pmForm 9 Lecture: Terror and Anti-Radicalisation
Friday 19th January 11+ & 13+ Assessments
 Forms 3 to 6 French Theatre Production
3.30pm - 5.30pmFOSE Cake Sales*
Week 3
Monday 22nd January2.10pmPrep School Council Meeting
Tuesday 23rd January8.35amForm 2M Assembly*
3.30pmGirls Hockey v Duke of Kent U16 (H)*
2.30pmBasketball v Frensham U15 (A)*
3.00pmRugby v Duke of Kent U16A, U16B (A)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 6 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 24th January8.35amForm 7Dr Assembly*
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Dunhurst U13A (H), U11A, U11B (A)*
3.00pmHockey v Dunhurst U13B (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Aldro U13A, U13B, U12A, U12B (A)*
2.30pmRugby Tournament U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D (H)*
Thursday 25th January 1st Symbols
2.10pmForm 10 Lecture: Fundamental British Values
2.10pmForms 7 and 8 Lecture: Teenage Mental Wellbeing
3.30pmSenior Lecture: Teenage Mental Wellbeing
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Churcher’s U9A (H)*
2.45pmGirls Hockey v Brookham U8A (A)*
3.00pmGirls Hockey v Churcher’s U9B (H)*
2.30pmDivisional Rugby
7.00pm - 8.30pmParent’s Lecture: Teenage Mental Wellbeing*
Friday 26th January5.30pm“Pirates of the Caribbean” Boarding Night
Saturday 27th January9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities.
9.30am - 1.00pmForms 10 and 11 Academic Workshops
1.00pmGirls Preparatory Schools Closed Judo Championships*
Week 4
Monday 29th January4.00pmForm 11 Results released
4.30pmSwimming Gala v Barrow Hills (H)*
Tuesday 30th January8.35amForm 2P Assembly*
 7+ Taster Day
12.30pmForm 4 Theatre Trip to “The Jungle Book”, Chichester
4.30pmGirls Hockey v Prior’s Field U16 (A)*
2.30pmBasketball v Bedales U15 (A)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v Charterhouse U14, U15, U16 (A)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmForm 11 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 31st January8.35amForm 8S Assembly*
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Prior’s Field U13B, U13C, U13D (A)*
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Ripley Court U13A (H), U11C (A)*
3.00pmGirls Hockey v Ripley Court U11A (H)*
3.00pmGirls Hockey v Conifers U11B (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Ripley Court U11A, U11B, U10A, U10B (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Ripley Court U13A, U13B (A)*
Thursday 1st February8.30amForm 10 Reports Delivered
 2nd Cards
 Forms Reception to 11 Lectures: James Ketchell, Esq.,Explorer
 Forms 9,10 and 11 Intermediate Maths Challenge
11.30am - 5.30pmForms 5 and 6 Theatre Trip to “The Jungle Book” at the Festival Theatre, Chichester
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Ripley Court U9A (H), U9C, U9D (A)*
3.00pmGirls Hockey v Ripley Court U9B (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Ripley Court U8A, U8B (H), U9A, U9B (A)*
5.30pmForm 7 Boarding Night
Friday 2nd February3.15pm1st Boats Event Forms 5 to 8*
5.30pmForms 9 to 11 “Great Escape” Boarding Night
Saturday 3rd February9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
9.30am - 1.00pmForm 11 Academic Workshops
9.30am - 1.00pmSilver and Bronze DofE First Aid Training
Week 5
Monday 5th February9.00am - 4.30pmForm 4 Trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace
Tuesday 6th February8.35amForm 4R Assembly*
2.30pmRugby 7s v Royal Senior U15 (A)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v Duke of Kent U14 (H)*
3.30pmBoys Hockey v Duke of Kent U15, U16 (H)*
6.15am - 8.00pmForm 4 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 7th February Form 10 IGCSE English Literature Study Day at the Globe Theatre, London
8.35amForm 5BG Assembly*
 Form 1, Reception and Nursery - Perform Workshop
12.30pmChapel Service Preacher: Simon Williams, Esq., BSc.,M.A.,(Dunelm) Headmaster: Churcher’s College
2.30pmBiathlon v Royal School & Conifers U11 (H)*
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Highfield U11B, U11C (A)*
2.45pmGirls Hockey v Pennthorpe U13A, U13C (A)*
3.45pmGirls Hockey v Bohunt U13B, U13D (A)*
2.30pmRugby v Boxhill U13A, U13B (H)*
2.15pmHockey v Barrow Hills U11A, U11C (A)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v Barrow Hills U13C (H)*
3.00pmBoys Hockey v Barrow Hills U11B, U11D (A)*
7.00pmForm 11 IGCSE Group Text Performance*
Thursday 8th February8.30amForm 9 Progress Reports Delivered
8.45am - 4.30pmForm 9 French Trip to BFI London
9.30am - 11.30amNursery Open Morning*
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Highfield U9A , U9B (H)*
2.30pmBiathlon v Royal School (H)*
2.15pmBoys Hockey v Barrow Hills U9A, U9B, U9C (H)*
2.15pmBoys Hockey v Barrow Hills U9D, U9E, U9F (A)*
3.30pmForm 9 Lecture: Sex and Relationships
3.30pmForm 10 Lecture: Public Speaking
6.00pm2018 Children's Ski Trip Information Evening*
Friday 9th February2.30pmReception*
2.40pmForms 1 and 2*
2.55pmForms 3 and 4*
3.10pmForm 5*
3.25pmForm 6*
3.40pmForm 7*
3.55pmForm 8*
4.10pmForms 9 to 11*
 Half Term Begins After Cross Country Presentations
Week 6
Tuesday 20th February8.35amForm 1 Assembly*
8.45am - 4.30pmForm 9 Spanish Trip to BFI London
3.30pmGirls Hockey v Duke of Kent U15, U16 (H)*
2.15pmBoys Hockey v King Edward’s U14 (A)*
3.15pmBoys Hockey v King Edward’s U15 (A)*
3.00pmRugby v Duke of Kent U15, U16 (A)*
6.15am - 8.00pmForms 1 and 2 Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 21st February8.35amForm 5L Assembly*
2.30pmPop Lacrosse v Kingscourt U11A, U11B (A)*
2.30pmGirls Hockey v Boundary Oak U13A (H)*
2.00pmBoys Hockey v Ripley Court U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D, U11E(H)*
2.00pmBoys Hockey v Ripley Court U13A, U13B, U13C (A)*
Thursday 22nd February 3rd Cards
1.00pm - 7.00pmForm 10 GCSE Classics trip to The British Museum
2.10pmForm 10 Lecture: Introduction to History of Art
2.10pmForm 11 Lecture: Drugs, Alcohol and the Law
3.30pmSenior Debating Round 1
2.30pmBiathlon v St. Hilary’s U9/U8 (H)*
2.30pmGirls Divisional Sport
2.30pmHockey v Ripley Court U9A,U9B (H)*
2.30pmHockey v Ripley Court U8A, U8B (A)*
6.30pmForms 5 to 8 Music Concert*
7.00pm - 10.00pmForm 11 IGCSE Drama Trip to “Great Expectations” Yvonne Arnaud, Guildford
Friday 23rd February8.50am - 3.30pmForm 3 Greek Pottery Day
3.30pm - 5.30pmFOSE Cake Sales*
Saturday 24th February10.00am - 12.00pmOpen Morning*
Week 7
Monday 26th February3.30pmForms 3 and 4 Music Concert*
9.30am - 12.30pmForm 3 to Shah Jahan Mosque
4.00pmSwimming Gala v Highfield (A)*
Tuesday 27th February8.35amHeads of Prep School Assembly*
9.00am - 3.15pmForm 2 Trip to Look Out Discovery Centre
3.45pmGirls Hockey v Bohunt U16 (H)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v Duke of Kent U14 (H)*
3.30pmBoys Hockey v Duke of Kent U15, U16 (H)*
2.30pmBasketball v Royal Senior U15 (A)*
6.15pm - 8.00pmNursery Parents’ Evening*
Wednesday 28th February8.35amForm 5vO Assembly*
2.30pmPop Lacrosse v Royal U11A, U11B, U11C (A)*
2.15pmBoys Hockey v St. Andrew’s U13A, U13B (A)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v St. Andrew’s U11C (H), U11A (A)*
3.00pmHockey v St. Andrew’s U11D (H), U11B (A)*
 Head’s Networking Dinner: Rt. Hon. Peter Lilly
Thursday 1 March 2nd Symbols
 World Book Day
12.30pmChapel Service Preacher: Dr. Christopher Stevens, Esq., DPhil. (Oxon) Headmaster: Bradfield College
2.10pmForm 10 Lecture: Healthy Lifestyle
3.30pmForm 9 Lecture: Sexual Health
3.30pmForm 11 Workshop: NCS The Challenge
2.00pmRoyal Cross Country U9, U8 (A)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v St. Andrew’s U8A, U8B (H)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v St. Andrew’s U9A, U9B (A)*
3.15pm2nd Boats Event Forms 5 to 8*
6.30pmForms 9 to 11 Music Concert*
Friday 2nd March8.35amForm 10B Assembly*
2.00pmDivisional Swimming Gala Forms 1 to 2*
3.15pmDivisional Swimming Gala Forms 3 to 4*
7.30pmQuiz Night*
 Divisional Model Making Competition Closes
Saturday 3rd March9.30amDofE Practice Expedition
Week 8
Monday 5th March Form 7 French Trip Departs
8.50amForm 5 Showcase “The Grimm Tales”*
5.00pmFinance and Remuneration Committee Meeting
Tuesday 6th March8.35amForm 3A Assembly*
2.45pmGirls Hockey v Ditcham U16 (H)*
2.30pmRugby v Bedales U15 (A)*
3.00pmBoys Hockey v Bohunt U15 / U16 (A)*
6.15pmForm 9 IGCSE Options Evening*
Wednesday 7th March8.35amForm 6Ch Assembly*
2.15pmGirls Divisional Sport
2.30pmBoys Hockey v Seaford U13A, U13B, U13C, U13D (A)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v Seaford U11A, U11B, U11C, U11D (A)*
7.00pmForm 10 IGCSE Group Text Performance*
Thursday 8th March 4th Cards
9.00amForm 1 trip to Weald and Downland Living Museum
3.30pmSenior Lecture: Roles and Opportunities in the Armed Forces
2.30pmPop Lacrosse v Royal U9A, U9B, U9C (A)*
2.00pmSt. Edmund’s U11 Football Tournament*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v Seaford U9A, U9B, U9C (A)*
Friday 9th March5.30pmForms 3 to 6 and 8 “Great Escape” Boarding Night
 Form 7 French Trip Arrives back
Saturday 10th March9.30am - 1.00pmSaturday Activities
 Form 10 and 11 Academic Workshops
 IAPS Judo Congress for Boys aged 10 - 13 Years
Week 9
 Forms 7 and 8 Exam Week
Monday 12th March Forms 9 and 10 Spanish Trip Departs
4.30pmSchool Records Swimming Gala *
Tuesday 13th March4.30pmGirls Hockey v Prior’s Field U16 (A)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v More House U14, U16 (H)*
2.30pmBoys Hockey v Bedales U15 (A)*
2.30pmBasketball v Ditcham U15 (A)*
Wednesday 14th March2.00pmGirls Dunhurst Hockey Tournament U13A (A)*
2.30pmLacrosse v Highfield U13A, U13B, U13C
2.30pmLacrosse v Highfield U11A, U11B (A)*
2.00pmBoys Hockey v Barrow Hills U10A, U10B, U10C (H)*
2.00pmBoys Hockey v Edgeborough U11A, U11B, U11C (A)*
2.00pmBoys Hockey v Aldro U13A, U13B, U13C,U13D (A)*
Thursday 15th March11.00am - 6.30pmForm 11 Theatre Trip to “Of Mice and Men” at Theatre Royal, Brighton
2.10pmMusic Performance at Cornerways
2.10pmForm 10 Lecture: Choice, Responsibilities and Social Interaction
3.30pmForm 9 Lecture: Stop and Search
2.30pmGirls Divisional Hockey
2.00pmBoys Hockey v Barrow Hills U9A, U9B,U9C (A)*
5.30pmForm 5 Boarding Night
Friday 16th March Forms 9 and 10 Spanish Trip Arrive back
 Mufti Day - Bring £1.00 for Local Charities
3.30pm - 9.00pmFOSE Disco
9.15amForms 1, 2 and Reception Production*
Saturday 17th March Surrey Schools Swimming Primary Relay, The Spectrum, Guildford
Week 10
Monday 19th March9.00am - 5.30pmForm 10 History Trip - Imperial War Museum
5.00pmGovernors’ Board Meeting
Tuesday 20th March8.35amForm 3C Assembly*
2.30pmRugby 7s v More House (H)*
2.30pmBoys House Tournament
Wednesday 21st March8.35amHeads of Senior School Assembly*
9.50amForm 6 Production "Mary Poppins"
2.30pmLacrosse v Barrow Hills U13A (H)*
2.30pmLacrosse v Barrow Hills U11A (H)*
2.30pmLacrosse v Barrow Hills U11B, U11C (A)*
2.30pmBoys Divisional Hockey
7.00pmForm 6 Production “Mary Poppins”*
Thursday 22nd March 5th Cards
2.10pmForm 9 Lecture: Behaviour On and Offline
3.30pmSenior Debating Final
2.30pmLacrosse v Barrow Hills U9A (H), U9B, U9C (A)*
2.30pmBoys Divisional Sport
7.00pmForm 6 Production “Mary Poppins”*
Friday 23rd March8.35amForm 10C Assembly*
10.30am3rd Boats Event Forms 5 to 8*
12noonEnd of Term Nursery to Form 2
12.30pmEnd of Term Forms 3 to 11
Saturday 24th March Ski Trip Departs
Saturday 31st March Ski Trip Returns

Future Dates


Term will start on Thursday 19th April
Saturday 12th May Open Morning
Half Term from Friday 25th May to Monday 4th June
Term Ends Saturday 7th July


Term will start on Thursday 6th September
Open Morning Saturday 6th October
Half Term from Friday 12th October to Monday 29th October
Term Ends Friday 7th December

Lent 2019

Term will start on Monday 7th January
Saturday 9th February Open Morning
Half Term from Friday Friday 15th February to Monday 25th February
Term Ends Friday 29th March