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Of all the many and varied activities at St. Edmund’s, classroom teaching is the single most important; it forms a substantial part of each day and provides an invaluable, essential foundation for future success right through to GCSEs, A-levels and even Degree courses.

Not only do all children learn a wide variety of subjects, but they are also encouraged to develop the means whereby they can retain and reproduce knowledge - academic self-motivation, a hungry mind, strong study-skills and a determination to set themselves the highest possible standards.

On entering Form 5 (Year 5) each child is allotted a Tutor who is responsible for overseeing progress and keeping in close contact with parents. Pupils meet their Tutor at least once a week. Small Classes, Specialist Teaching, Regular Reporting. At St. Edmund’s, we pride ourselves on giving children excellent teaching within very small classes – average size 15.

Each child has a classroom base, but s/he spends less time there as s/he moves up the school, travelling instead to individual subject teachers in specialist areas. Parents are kept fully informed of their child's progress through brief progress reports each half term, Parents' Evenings and termly reports.

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