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Senior Prep 11+ and Senior School 13+


There is a saying in life that in order to succeed ‘always be one step ahead of the rest’.  At St. Edmund’s we offer children the chance to do just that with boys and girls from our own Prep School, together with new joiners from local 11+ prep and primary schools moving up to Senior Prep for Years 7 and 8.  These children benefit from the distinct privileges, leadership responsibilities and focus which come with the territory from being at the top of a Prep School rather than at the bottom of an 11+ senior school environment.  There is a lot to be said for having the opportunity to create and maintain a high profile in school life a few years earlier than most, initially for the children’s confidence and self-belief in turn leading to future social and academic success. All pupils follow the Common Entrance curriculum.

Children who attend local 13+ prep schools join us for Senior School for Years 9 to 11.  They integrate with their peers moving up from Senior Prep and benefit from the distinct identity, expectation, privileges, duties and opportunities offered to our Senior pupils.  These children have a level of independence from the rest of the school with their own teaching block, common room, kitchen (complete with toast and hot chocolate making facilities!), garden with private study area as well as their own distinctive uniform.

At St. Edmund’s we want our senior children to experience education in the widest possible terms and we offer:

  • Small, focused teaching groups (15 pupils in the class)
  • A comprehensive range of GCSE options
  • High academic standards and a productive learning environment
  • Guidance, support and motivation to be good citizens and successful individuals
  • A range of leadership, mentoring and co-curricular opportunities
  • Access to great sport, art, drama and music
  • Flexible ‘sleep over’ style boarding options
  • New teaching facilities and access to technological innovation (including Microsoft Surface tablets for Year 9 upwards)
  • Optional Saturday co-curricular activities (incorporating, when required, academic revision/extension sessions)
  • A life at school that is interesting, engaging and fun....


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