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The quality of academic provision at St. Edmund’s is one of our great strengths and it is this strength that we will extend into our GCSE programme. The ongoing National Curriculum Framework review has already ensured a move away from modular GCSE courses and these changes are due to take effect nationally in 2014. We have an interesting opportunity to observe and evaluate the new courses that the various examination boards will offer to our candidates before deciding which to pursue.

For the more able pupils in our cohorts it is unlikely that even the new GCSE programmes in some subjects will, on their own, present sufficient academic challenge. In those cases, we will offer the International GCSE, commonly known as the IGCSE. Where appropriate, more able children will take GCSEs early (in Year 10 and, perhaps in some cases and subjects, even in Year 9). In general, pupils will be expected to take around 10 GCSEs and/or IGCSEs.

Compulsory subjects will be: English, English Literature, Maths, Modern Language, Science (double or triple awards), RS, and ICT.

Optional subjects will be: Additional Modern Language, Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation, Geography, History, Art, Music, Design Technology, and Drama.

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