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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think" Albert Einstein

As a key entry point into St. Ed’s, our Senior Prep is a vibrant and jovial community where our boys and girls thrive academically, socially and as individuals as their senior school experience unfolds. A culture of embracing life and living every day to the full, both inside and outside the classroom is keenly adopted, allowing everyone to maximise their full distinctive potential. Children move up to our Senior Prep from our own Prep school as well as joining us from other 11+ Prep and Primary schools in the surrounding area. Children joining us at this pivotal time benefit greatly from the distinct privileges, leadership and responsibilities and focus which come with the territory from being at the top of a Prep school rather than at the bottom of an 11+ senior school environment.

Our children learn a wide variety of subjects, but they are also encouraged to develop the means whereby they can retain and reproduce knowledge, find academic self-motivation, feed a hungry mind, learn strong study-skills and create a determination to set themselves the highest possible standards. Our exciting and varied co-curricular programme operates alongside and in conjunction with our curriculum so that we provide opportunity for all of our children to excel outside the classroom too.

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