The Arts

“The Arts by themselves can do little to save humanity. Without them there would be little worth saving”.

A passion for the Arts is the mark of a civilised society and at St. Edmund’s we consider ourselves highly civilised but in a totally unfussy way. Our programme ensures that all children experience a wide range of activities designed to increase not only their skills but also their appreciation and understanding of the world’s cultural heritage.

Importantly, these activities have protected time within our timetable so that children are not faced with the undesirable choices (too often prevalent in schools) between the Arts and Sport. It is a measure of our passion that at St. Ed’s it is just as cool to sing in the choir as it is to play in the sports team, just as cool to speak in a debate as it is to run in a cross-country tournament and a just as cool to create a ceramic pot as it is to throw a netball.

Whether old or young, gifted or just enthusiastic, all of our children are encouraged and reassured to participate in the Arts with rigour and pleasure.