The Arts

Themed Boarding Nights

St. Edmund’s does not offer boarding in the traditional sense, and as a result of our ever increasing fleet of school minibuses, there is no longer a need for us to offer our week day flexi-boarding option.  However, demand for our famous themed boarding nights and year group activity nights remains at an all-time high!

Our themed nights include Hogwarts, Super Heroes, The Great Escape and Pirates of the Caribbean to name just a few. Such is their popularity that they are well oversubscribed (and, for Grayshott’s better takeaways and Domino Pizza, Christmas now comes numerous times a year!). 

Our year group activity nights involve a Friday evening spent with your classmates taking on the numerous, crazy and fun challenges set by our official “chief guru of fun” Mr Messina!  Human Connect 4, treasure hunts, swimming boat races, den building in the woods … in fact, just too much fun to mention!