Pastoral Care

ďBe yourself, because the people who mind donít matter, and the people that matter donít mindĒ Dr Seuss

The outstanding level of pastoral care offered at St. Edís puts the pupil at the very heart of every decision taken. We recognise that every child is unique with individual needs, potential, circumstances, feelings and expectations. St. Edís promotes a powerful and strong sense of community with pupils of all ages integrating with one another enabling older pupils the opportunity of sharing their experiences as well as helping and supporting the younger pupils.

Pastoral Care at St. Edís is overseen by the Deputy Head, Pastoral. However, on a day to day basis, the Form Takers and Tutors Ė and parents Ė are the first port of call. Relationships between our pupils and staff are warm and open; Staff instil in every young person the mantra that by encouraging positivity and commitment, they can believe that everything is possible if you give it a go and work hard.

Pastoral care at St. Edís is not something that happens when things go wrong; it happens every second of the school day. We ensure that each child is inspired and empowered to take responsibility for their own decisions and to ensure that every individual is provided with the highest level of support. St. Edís provides a community which is caring and one where everybody feels comfortable and safe.

During our recent ISI Inspection Report the inspectors commented ďPastoral care at St. Edmundís is approached in a positive way reinforcing the schoolís philosophy, ethos and core values. Relationships amongst pupils, and between pupils and staff, are excellent with high levels of respect, understanding and regard for eachotherĒ.