“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”

John F Kennedy

At St. Edmund's we are fortunate to have some of the best sporting facilities of any Prep School in the area, including our magnificent 9-hole Golf Course; first laid-out in the 1920s, it presents a considerable challenge to the many children and their families; games fields, an indoor swimming pool and an all-weather pitch.

For many pupils, sport is the most enjoyable part of school life, and we take the teaching of skills in a wide variety of sport seriously. From the moment that a child enters the Prep School, s/he will play games up to four times a week plus matches. Bearing in mind that enthusiasm and skilful coaching are crucial if children are to love their sport, we ensure that our youngest players are taught by our most qualified and experienced coaches.

For boys, the major winter team sports are rugby, football and hockey; cricket and athletics the major summer ones. For girls, the main winter sports are lacrosse, netball and hockey, with rounders and athletics in the summer term. Golf, swimming, judo and tennis take place throughout the year, however, many other sports are offered both for team players and individuals both within the curriculum and as part of our activities programme.

We hope that every child will find an opportunity to represent the school at something. It is not just the playing in the match, but the social experience of travelling to another school or entertaining a visiting team that is important. Parents and friends are very much encouraged to come to school matches. St. Edmund's supporters are famously friendly and sporting, and they always seem to turn out in large numbers for home matches, possibly because of the excellence of the Match Teas!