Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” Steve Jobs

Every creative process is a journey. It begins with an idea, and ends with an object that must be evaluated to see if it is fit for purpose. We aim to provide a challenging and relevant ICT and computing curriculum that prepares our children with the skills required for lifelong learning. Our timetable allows the children to experience the many facets of technology through ICT lessons as well as our diverse co-curricular programme. Our Senior School children each have their own tablets to support all of their academic aspects of school life.

Design and Technology equips our children for exactly this process. We help them articulate their creative concepts, and share them with others. Then, using our first-rate facilities in our brand new DT Centre, they bring their ideas to life. Design and Technology is excellent training for life in the twenty-first century. Whether or not our boys and girls go on to pursue careers in creative fields like product design, architecture, and engineering, they develop skills that will serve them well in their futures, including problem solving, communication, and collaborative working. Furthermore, our children gain a great understanding of the creative and production processes, as well as a grasp of the commercial realities of manufacturing in the modern world, an important grounding whatever path they follow.