Due to Covid Restrictions, our Admission processes are slightly different this year.  Please telephone our Admissions Office (01428 604808) to receive the most up to date information.  Thank you.

The usual points of entry to St. Edmund’s are at Nursery, Reception, Form 3 (7+), Form 7 (11+) and Form 9 (13+). Children may also join us for other year groups subject to the availability of places and satisfactory completion of our admissions/assessment process.

All parents complete our registration form and pay a £50 non refundable registration fee.

Children wishing to join Reception are invited for a short individual visit to meet the Head of EYFS who will assess his or her suitability for the school in a very informal way.

Children wishing to join Forms 1 to 6 visit the school for a trial morning/day when informal academic and behavioural assessments are made by the class and subject teachers and/or the Head of Academic Support.

Children wishing to join Form 7 (11+) visit the school for an individual trial day or participate in one of our group Taster days in the Michaelmas term and attend the entrance assessments in the January of Year 6. The entrance assessments include papers in English (comprehension and creative writing) and Maths and participation in a range of team building and leadership challenges. All candidates are interviewed by the Headmaster or Deputy Head. Prior to the assessments, the pupil's current school is contacted to request a report on their progress and potential. The entry assessments are used to identify candidates eligible for scholarship awards for academic excellence. Scholarship candidates applying for awards for Art, Sport, Drama and Music are assessed in the January of Year 6.

Children wishing to join Form 9 (13+) visit the school in Year 8 for a trial day during which they will be assessed. Prior to their visit, the pupil's current school is contacted to request a report on their progress and potential. Following a successful trial day an offer of a place will be made if available for Year 9 in the subsequent year.