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Digital Learning

Pupils in Forms 7 begin their journey using computers and developing their programming skills in their computer science classes.  In Form 8, pupils are introduced to the Microsoft Surface devices with an intensive training programme. This prepares them for Form 9 where they use their devices to complete a variety of lesson activities, assignments and coursework set by their teachers.

St Edmund’s Senior pupils (Form 9-11) benefit from our progressive digital learning strategy that enhances the excellent academic provision already on offer and complements the lessons your child receives. It does not replace the best resource we have at St. Edmund's which is our caring, highly qualified, well-informed and enthusiastic teachers, all of whom are subject specialists.  Our lessons continue to incorporate a range of traditional activities to ensure that screen time is limited in the classroom. This is also the case during social times, PSHE lessons, seminars, sports/games, outdoor and boarding activities.

Dr Carlin, Director of Digital Learning, is a Microsoft Innovative Educator trainer who has developed and implemented a training programme at St Edmund’s to improve our teachers’ skills, enabling them to create engaging and differentiated lesson resources.

The COVID pandemic, together with the ongoing development of technology (both software and hardware) and the fast-changing digital world have shown that our children need to be prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Our blended digital learning strategy broadens their educational experience at St. Edmund's by giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and experience in:

  • Collaboration beyond traditional boundaries
  • Knowledge construction
  • Real-world/problem-solving and innovation
  • Self-regulation
  • Use of ICT for learning
  • Skilled communication

To find out more about the devices used and how to obtain them please contact Dr Carlin

Seniors and Surface Pros on Vimeo