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  • OSE and life after St. Edmund's

    Published 07/05/24

    We love finding out about our OSEs (Old St. Edmund's) !

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  • A quick Q & A with Mrs Drummond, Head of Classics

    Published 03/05/24
    • What do you love most about teaching Classics? The most rewarding thing for me is when I see students start to fall in love with my subject. I have had many students who have gone on to study Classics at A Level and some that have been or
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  • Crafting their literary Journey

    Published 05/03/24

    The St. Edmund’s Poetry Recitation Competition is a cornerstone event in the school calendar.  Anticipation builds early in the Lent term as all the pupils from Forms 3 to 8 start to prepare.  Teachers help the children to source their poems, finding material that suits their different personalities, interests and strengths, as well as encouraging pupils to choose poems of different genres or structures.

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  • Piano Festival Concert

    Published 29/02/24

    The recent piano festival concert (Wednesday 21st February 2024)  at St. Edmund's was nothing short of a mesmerising celebration of musical diversity and talent. The stage came alive with a seamless blend of pupils and special guests including  Luca Kellar- Hume, Julia and Bela Hartmann and Martin Cousin creating an evening that left both parents and our pupils inspired.

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  • New School Film 2024

    Published 17/01/24

    We are delighted to share with you our new school film.

    It’s an exciting year at St. Edmund’s as we celebrate our 150th year.

    We hope this film will give an insight into life at St. Edmund’s and what we believe makes us so special.

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  • Cross Country Running at St. Edmund's: A Legacy of Passion and Perseverance

    Published 15/01/24

    Since its establishment in 1900 at our Hindhead site, cross country running has been an integral part of life at St. Edmund's, shaping the school's culture and fostering a love for running among its students. Nestled in the picturesque setting of Hindhead, our school boasts over 40 acres of undulating grounds, providing an interesting and challenging course that intertwines seamlessly with our 9-hole golf course – a truly unique backdrop for our cross-country endeavours.

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  • Celebrating 'St. Edmund's Day' at St. Edmund's School.

    Published 20/11/23

    As we approach the momentous occasion of our 150th year since we were founded, it is only fitting to reflect on our rich heritage and the significance behind our school's name. Globally observed on the 20th of November each year, 'St. Edmund's Day' pays homage to Edmund the Martyr (also known as St. Edmund or Edmund of East Anglia), who served as the king of East Anglia from around 855 until his demise on November 20, 869.

    Edmund holds the esteemed patronage of kings, pandemics, the Roman Catholic diocese of East Anglia, Douai Abbey, wolves, torture victims, and protection from the plague.

    The roots of St. Edmund's School trace back to its founding in Norfolk by the Rev. J. Morgan-Brown at Glebe House in Hunstanton, Norfolk. Edmund (841-870) was particularly revered as the local saint of Hunstanton. In his book 'Willingly to School: A History of St. Edmund's Hindhead,' published in 2000, Bernard Palmer notes that Edmund, a king of East Anglia, is believed to have landed at Hunstanton from Germany. He met his martyrdom at the hands of Danish invaders who sought to compel him, as a Christian, to share his kingdom with their Pagan chief, Inguar. Edmund was condemned to be the target of the Danes' archery practice, symbolised by the school's crown and arrows emblem, and ultimately beheaded. Tradition holds that his body was initially buried on the borders of Norfolk, an area steeped in memories of St. Edmund, making it a fitting name for the school that would soon grace its borders. The school remained in Norfolk until 1900 when it moved to Hindhead.

    For those eager to delve deeper into the history of St. Edmund's take a look at our new timeline, chronicling the rich tapestry of our school.

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  • Outstanding Achievement in GCSE Results at St.Edmund’s Independent School, Hindhead

    Published 24/08/23
    St. Edmund’s is thrilled to announce the exceptional success of its Form 11 students in this year's GCSE examinations. The results, unveiled today, showcase a remarkable 96% pass rate within grades 9-4, surpassing the national average of 68
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  • Speech Days 2023

    Published 07/07/23

    As the final academic term draws to a close we have welcomed students, parents, guardians and carers to our Prep and Senior annual Speech Days and Prize Giving Ceremonies in the Farley Hall.

    It's been a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the year's successes and achievements of all our students from Forms 3 to 11 across all areas of school life - from Academic to Sport, Drama, Music,  the Arts and contributions to school life.

    Photos from both Speech days will be available to download in The Arrow newsletter.

     To view the Form 8 Film click HERE 


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  • St. Edmund's brings you 'Matilda' !

    Published 05/07/23

    Last week, the Drama and Music departments at St. Edmund’s astounded audiences with their spectacular production of the beloved musical, Matilda. Adapted from Roald Dahl's enchanting book, this theatrical masterpiece brought three nights of sheer joy to all who attended with the pupils showcasing their incredible acting, singing and choreography skills.

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  • St. Edmund's alumni reconnect and celebrate legacy at largest OSE reunion to date.

    Published 16/06/23

    On Wednesday this week we hosted a OSE (Old St. Edmund’s) reunion at the esteemed RAF Club in the heart of Piccadilly, London.

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