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Cross Country Running at St. Edmund's: A Legacy of Passion and Perseverance

Since its establishment in 1900 at our Hindhead site, cross country running has been an integral part of life at St. Edmund's, shaping the school's culture and fostering a love for running among its students. Nestled in the picturesque setting of Hindhead, our school boasts over 40 acres of undulating grounds, providing an interesting and challenging course that intertwines seamlessly with our 9-hole golf course – a truly unique backdrop for our cross-country endeavours.

While our expansive grounds contribute to the success of the sport, the primary driving force behind our achievements lies in the dedication and expertise of our sports staff. Their boundless passion for running permeates through the school, fuelling a shared enthusiasm for this physically and mentally invigorating activity.

At St. Edmund's, we recognise the manifold benefits that running brings, both in terms of health and competition. Participating in various cross-country races, including the District and County Championships for Waverley and Surrey, our pupils not only compete but also relish the opportunity to engage with peers from other schools.  A highlight on our sporting calendar is the inter-school cross-country race hosted in the Michaelmas term, where we welcome over 30 schools to our site for a spirited afternoon of competition and athletics. Post-race, our pupils eagerly anticipate the warmth of cookies and hot chocolate – an anticipated indulgence that certainly warms the pupils in often brisk temperatures.

The passion for running is deeply embedded in our school's history, further complemented by our well-maintained grounds and ongoing commitment to the sport. Our Run Club, under the management of the accomplished England Masters athlete Mrs. Mac for over a decade, emphasises the numerous benefits of running, such as inclusivity, mental health, and individual strength and perseverance. Additionally, Miss Humfress, a dedicated and talented runner/triathlete with multiple marathons and ultramarathons under her belt, shares her passion and commitment to the sport with her pupils, further enhancing the running culture at St. Edmund's. This passion certainly attributes to the number of our pupils who use cross-country running in their GCSE PE practical grade.

As we continue to foster a culture of running excellence, our commitment to both the history and future of cross country at St. Edmund's remains unwavering.