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Respecting Tradition

Inspiring Openness

Stimulating Curiosity

Nurturing Individuality

Modern Foreign Languages

We aim to inspire students to embark on a life-long enjoyment of languages. We aim to develop pupils’ ability to understand and communicate effectively in French and  Spanish  through enthusiastic participation in all activities and to give them a feeling of success and achievement whatever their ability.

We will achieve this through:

  • Building pupils’ confidence in using the new languages for real oral and written communication;
  • Extending pupils’ knowledge of how languages work;
  • Exploring similarities and differences between the target languages and English;
  • Developing pupils’ independence in using the new language through their understanding and use of key structures;
  • Fostering a positive attitude and interest in other cultures.

We believe that exposing young people to a breadth of languages will give them essential skills to prepare for a competitive global marketplace and to interact in a culturally diverse society. Therefore all pupils in our Prep School start with French from Nursery, and start learning Spanish from Form 5. 

What can your child expect from a language lesson?

We create a stimulating environment where pupils are guided to use their language skills to communicate in a range of contexts. We achieve this through exciting and active tasks such as storytelling, role-plays and reading authentic resources. Pupils are encouraged to develop their enthusiasm for languages through extra-curricular opportunities, magazine subscriptions and use of a range of websites.

We believe that grammar plays a vital role in increasing pupils’ independence in developing their language skills. From Form One, they are introduced to key grammatical concepts and the skills needed to apply them.

Breadth of opportunity

We recognise the importance of overseas trips in broadening the children’s cultural awareness and the opportunities which present themselves in allowing them the chance to practise their linguistic skills in a real life setting. We run a French trip for Form 7 as well as a Spanish trip for GCSE pupils.