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Respecting Tradition

Inspiring Openness

Stimulating Curiosity

Nurturing Individuality


Art at St. Edmund's is planned to be as exciting and fun as possible! The ethos is that all pupils should enjoy their lessons, whilst at the same time, developing valuable skills in using a variety of media and techniques.

The Art room is currently housed in a large, bright room which is used to teach Art from Year 3 upwards. We are well equipped and have the facilities to use a wide range of media, from painting and drawing, through to textiles, sculpture and ceramics. We also have several computers for use to develop work digitally.

The department's aim is to develop a love of creating; to enjoy and learn from all aspects of the Art & Design process, from sketches to finished pieces and from all levels of ability. Children are encouraged to develop a visual awareness and vocabulary so that they can learn to 'see' rather than look at the world around them.

The children are made aware of the fundamental principles of art and are given the opportunity to use and develop skills in a wide variety of media, so that they can communicate what they see, feel and think. Each child is introduced to a wide range of artists and cultures and they are encouraged to explore the ideas and meanings behind the work. Throughout, the children evaluate their own and others work, adapting and refining in the light of these evaluations.

As Form 5 pupils enter Art in the Senior prep school, they currently spend a full year working on the theme of The Ocean and the life within it. During this time they have the opportunity to experience and experiment with many different medias from pencil, watercolours and pastels, through to learning the skills of creating a batik on fabric using hot wax and dyes. Form 5 also have the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of 3D clay garden sculpture. 

Each lesson and project are carefully structured and no matter the pupils ability they are supported and nurtured to help them build the confidence they need to produce wonderful pieces of work they can be proud of.

In Form 7 and 8, pupils are taught Art on half termly rotations. They again have the opportunity to use a wide range of media and create work using Fine Art skills as well as Textiles and Ceramics – developing techniques in order to take through to GCSE Art if they wish. At the end of Year 8, pupils have the opportunity to decide whether they wish to choose Art as an option for GCSE starting in Year 9.