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Respecting Tradition

Inspiring Openness

Stimulating Curiosity

Nurturing Individuality


The study of History informs pupils’ understanding and appreciation of the world as it is today, and their place in it.

It helps pupils develop the essential skills of analysis, evaluation and research, with which to construct coherent, fluent answers to challenging questions and theories.

As a department, we are keen to encourage discussion and debate, and to get pupils to engage with history in their daily lives. The children study British history from 1066 through to 1485, but in Form 8 they also have the opportunity to learn and research more modern history such as “The Battle of Britain.”

We have a flourishing History department with a history room that could easily be mistaken for a museum, packed to the rafters with artefacts and treasures. These artefacts are complimented with a rich diversity of trips to various sites of historical importance and this includes visits to study Egyptians and Romans as well as castles such as Arundel and Windsor.

History plays a large part in life at St.Edmund’s as we are soon to celebrate our 150th year in 2024. As an institution, our history intertwines with many major events of the past century and a half. As pupils walk to lessons each day, they pass by points of historic interest whether it be the wall panelled rooms of the George Bernard Shaw room or knowing there is an air raid shelter from the Second World War buried under the lawn by the Alliss building.