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Respecting Tradition

Inspiring Openness

Stimulating Curiosity

Nurturing Individuality

Classical Civilisation

There is a long tradition of studying Classical Civilisation at St Edmund’s and our pupils continue to enjoy the opportunity to immerse themselves in this rich and diverse field of study. Our successful pupils continue to display the logical thinking skills, open-minded approach and empathetic nature that students of the Classics have shown for generations. 

The aims of the department are as follows: 

  • To impart knowledge about and inspire interest in the Classical world and its legacy, in terms of literature and civilisation. 
  • To provoke discussion about the lessons of the past and their relevance to the present. 

Students begin their journey in Classics with study of the Roman Army; Gladiators and Greek Myths. At the end of Form 6 they do a final in-depth study of Pompeii. In Form 7, students have a brief introduction to the history of Greece before studying stories from Homer’s Iliad and Virgil’s Aeneid. Pupils are encouraged to form their own opinions about ancient culture whilst also considering material sources such as Greek vases and Roman sculpture. Year 8 builds on this analysis as students undertake a case study of The Theseus Kylix. Students complete their KS3 syllabus with an analysis of the Second Punic War.